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ECO Park Villas

This urban project was a challenge in an area where few attraction points are found so that you can base your design upon, we had to maximize the use of the land and at the same time design a welcoming atmosphere that harvests an open community, the project's concept was based on a smooth circulation and pocket parks (Public spaces) the two main entrances of the project from two axes that helped shape a grand park.

The project consists of 700 villas and townhouses, divided into 5-4-3 bedroom villas, and 3 bedroom townhouses, with the main community center located in the central piazza, this piazza has a diameter of 100 m it's the main point in the project where people interact and create a unique venue, the piazza is car-free and is engulfed with a water river that separates conceptually the public done from the private zone that is the villas.

BUA: 189,820   SQM

Plot Area: 329,700  SQM

Year: 2018